Our fully trained and qualified service personnel are happy to advise you on all of your servicing needs to enable you to find the solution for your requirements.

Regular vehicle check up

We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in the very best condition. Whatever the make or model of your vehicle, and whether your car requires some simple maintenance work or a more comprehensive service, our team can help to ensure that you can always rely on your vehicle working when you need it most.

  • Basic Engine Service from: £165.00
  • Interim Service from: £199.00
  • Full Vehicle Service from: £260.00

Carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicle will:

  • Reduced risk of breaking down – ensuring that the components of your car most susceptible to wear are in good condition means that you are less likely to suffer a breakdown.
  • Avoiding serious damage – due to the fact that any existing damage will be spotted and repaired, further damage that you could cause by continuing to drive is likely to be avoided.
  • Increased fuel efficiency – as an effective engine with replenished engine fluids burns fuel more effectively.

What is included with our service?

What's included

(Prices may change if specialist oil is required)
Basic Engine Service
From Enquire
Interim Service
From Enquire
Full Service
From Enquire
Vehicle Raised
Change oil
Change oil filter
Fit new sump plug washer
Check fuel lines and brake pipes
Check the condition and security of exhaust
Check steering and suspension
Check wheel bearings for excessive play/noise
Check CV gaiters and visible ball joints for wear
Grease all greasing points (where applicable)
Under The Bonnet
Check cooling system including fan operation
Check and top up anti-freeze
Check and record brake fluid condition
Check auxillary drive belts (not timing belt)
Check engine and breather system
Check vacuum pipes
Check battery output
Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels
Replace air filter (where applicable)
Replace spark plugs (where applicable)
Replace fuel filter (where applicable)
Replace pollen filters (where applicable)
Check brake pads/shoes
Check brake discs/drums
Check brake fluid condition
Check and record tread depths
Additional Vehicle Check
Check for damage to bodywork, lamps, trim
Check operation of interior and exterior lights
Check air conditioning operation including odour
Check windscreen washers and wipers
Check horn
Check operation of suspension dampers
Check fuel cap
Post Service
Reset service interval indicator (where applicable)
Stamp service book