Road Hero is a space saver wheel kit, designed to eliminate the danger of being stranded and to get you home safely!

Why choose a Road Hero Space Saver Kit?

In 2012 vehicle regulations changed and manufacturers were no longer required to provide a spare wheel.

Since then, breakdown recovery companies have noticed a rise in breakdowns due to punctures and other tyre related problems.

The Road Hero Space Saver Kit stops the everyday motorist from getting stranded and to ensure they get home safely and quickly.

No more waiting by the side of the road waiting for the breakdown truck to arrive, simply fit the space-saver spare wheel and tyre and continue your journey.

In many cases it may well save you time and money, purchasing a space saver wheel kit will potentially help you avoid expensive call-out costs.

Once you have fitted the wheel you can continue driving until you get the chance to get a new tyre fitted.

What is included in a Road Hero Space Saver Kit

  • Universal Jack
  • Wheel Brace
  • Warning Triangle
  • Gloves
  • Kneeling Mat
  • Head Torch
  • Rain Poncho & High Vis Vest

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